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June 24, 2013
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                                     !!Her powers !

“is hisana or byakuya more important to you than you own sister?” “no I-” “ do u wish to see your little sister suffer?”  tears formed in your eyes you, you were confused, you just didn’t know what to do “then do as I say” you just nodded since speaking looked impossible at the time “good girl” he patted you head and got up… “don’t try anything foolish by opposing my order …princess…” and with that he left….
you didn’t move you just laid there crying…. “what…what should I do…I can’t…see my sister hurt but…but…can’t hurt byakuya-san’s feeling again…”
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
after crying for a whole hour, you got off of the floor and stood up and fixed yourself up just so no one will get suspicious about what's happening, your decided that you'll go for a walk around the rukangai, just as you opened the door to your room....a little Rukia bumped into you, you were startled by her sudden appearance but you got back to your normal self in seconds as you saw the little girl falling to the floor, you quickly hold her by the arm and prevent her from falling "you should be more careful little one" you said and smiled warmly at her, Rukia blushed at seeing that beautiful and warm smile of yours " i-im sorry!" you giggled and patted her on the head and stepped aside to walk off but she grabbed a hold on your arm "___-sama i want to talk to you about something actually show you something" you turned around to fully face her with a warm smile "what is it?" you kindly asked her kindly "come with me" and with that she started dragging you by your arm "o-ohh...whats the rush about?" you asked a bit confused "there's no time for talking" with that she led you to the gardens of your mansion, she dragged you until you were under one of the Sakura trees, she then went to the back of the tree and came back with a small kitten in her hands and that kitten was injured "o-oh.." you took the little animal into your arms "aww you poor little thing" "how did this happen to it?" you asked Rukia "some jerk on the street was beating the little thing...i didnt knew what to do so i brought him to you thing you can help ? " she asked innocently. "Hmmm lets see" you sat down on the soft grass and laid the kitten in your lap then untied your hair, you grabbed a section of your hair and laid them on the little kitten, all the while Rukia was watching closely at whatever was happening,you closed your eyes and slowly you began to sing :

"flower gleam and glow" your silver hair (that reached down to your toes) started shining
"let your power shine"
"make the clock reverse" now the cat started  slightly glowing too
"bring back what once was mine"  now the wound started healing
"heal what has been hurt"  with that the kittens wounds started healing little by little
"change the fates design" Rukia watched with wide eyes, not believing what was happening
"save what has been lost"
"bring back what once was mine" now all wounds on the little kitten healed

"what once was mine"
(yep this is the healing song of repunzel from tangled *scratches the back of my head heheeh ^////^)
by the time you sang the last line the kitten opened its eyes

"meow~"  Rukia grinned as she saw the kitten awake, safe and sound you opened your eyes and smiled, Rukia took the kitten into her arms careful not to hurt the kitten  “hehe thankyou ____-sama for healing him and…….how did you do that!?!” she said in a childish curious voice , “secret secret y’know” you winked at her and stood up , you gave a pat on the head to both Rukia and the kitty “you guys play…I’ll be back after some time” and you vanished in the blink of an eye, Rukia was once again left with wide eyes “ WoOW ! did you see what she just did!?” she asked the little kitty  “I wanna become just like her when I grow up!!”

You were now at the two large gates of your mansion when you sensed the spiritual pressure of 4 soul reapers “its not…captain Juushiro’s spiritual pressure not….aizens.. then…who could it be” you thought, “Open the gate please “ you told the guards and they obliged “yes ma’am” they said in unison and opened the large gates to revile four of the soul reapers from squad “6”. You were shocked but never let it show, you stepped outside “may I help you?” you asked them as kindly as you could, you remembered what aizen said “oh no…please don’t ask me to help hisana…oh god just please please tell me that they aren’t gonna ask me to help hisana” you thought, one of them cleared their throat and said “we have a request to you, captain Byakuya said that he wants your help , as you might have known that his dear wife is not well and is fighting between life and death, he requests you to help him heal her” a knot formed in your couldn’t talk for about a minute or two, you tried to swallow it and talk “remember if you said yes you would lose your sister” one side of you said “but you cant let hisana die” the other side of you said, “whatever your sister is more important” “no, if you don’t heal her Byakuya will never forgive you, you would once again hurt him” “SISTER is MORE important! Besides if Hisana dies byakuya will be safer…Hisana tried to kill him remember!?” now you were in a dilemma “what should I do…?” you thought, finally you answered “I refuse” you tightened your fist enough to make your knuckles go white, one of the soul reapers said “but! She’ll die!”   “I don’t care…why should  I ? why s-should I help someone that made me live a life like this a life like hell!?” the other soul reaper said “no…you couldn’t be her…you can’t be princess ___” “its only natural that I refuse to heal her….besides wasn’t captain kuchiki the one that wanted me to stay away from the seiraitei? W-wasn’t he the one that said he never want to see my face? now go away before I make you” tears began to form in your eyes “im sorry….im sorry…im sorry” that’s all your mind was saying

Soon they went away and out of your sight

All the while rukia was watching from behind a tree, and you were too busy to notice that, she slowly took a step back hugging the kitten tightly to her chest “s-she is gonna let someone die? But…why?” Rukia thought

you fell to your knees with your hands covering your face and tears streaming down your face…”why..why does it have to be this way” you whispered . “why is she crying?” “did anyone make her  do this….yes that’s got to be it” she thought.
She ran up to you and hugged you, your eyes went wide “R-Rukia?” you hugged her back “listen Rukia….please don’t tell anybody what happened her today okay?” “but why-” she asked “please…for me” “O-okay…” she replied
“but I will find out whats going on for sure!” she thought “thankyou” you thanked her


hello guys , well i have to tell you that im gonna be doing some changes in this story, as in i'll be twisting the way bleach actually is ?(A little) i hope youll be fine with it
chapter 1:…
chapter 2…
chapter 3 : *points upwards"
chapter 4 :…
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